Xpedition Turbo Kit on the way ?

Any further videos or reviews of this turbo kit? Seems intriguing I guess I’d like to see it next to a general or an Rzr to gauge take off and speed! Either way I’m sure it’s fun
I don’t have more than 10 miles on it after turbo install .What I can tell you is as soon as you floor it rpm goes to 7900 an off you go . Top RPM 8100 . I hit 70 pretty fast . I just finished putting everything on an sound deadening. Very happy with it .


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Great job, it looks sweet. How did everything go with the tuning? Also, how loud is that exhuast compared to stock? I heard adding a turbo reduces the sound some but don't have any first hand knowledge yet.
Sound is about same as stock exhaust . It is a little deeper pitch .If you took stock muffler off you can see all the baffling they used . Normally turbo does reduce noise .Tune was done by Pandemic. It is spot on . Gilomen clutch kit spot on. Now it is what you hoped it would be when you first purchased it .