Rusty nugget fun in Northen Michigan


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Mar 10, 2024
With the snow season abysmal this year and similar to last, we decided to expand our toy box to include a SXS. This was a great experience and has been a ton of fun. Rusty, (due to the ADVs color and general color of most northern Michigan car door jams..) has been a gas. However we seemed to experience the same issues others have noted in the posts here. Door locks had to be swapped out as they did not work correctly and once it got above 55 for a couple days, AC was a no go. Got that all sorted and have now put some miles and mud on her. It is a blast to rock through the trails without worry about bottoming out. And the AC is great . The beast is loud and that is about the only negative at this time. With this units price tag, you would think a back up light would be included.. well there are aftermarket options but just strange. Good info on this site too. Put the lift handle on the rear glass and uses the Chinese double sided tape which was noted here to be crap. It was. Replaced it as suggested in the posts to the VHB red stuff. Worded like a charm. Anyway glad to add Rusty to the Polaris stable. Now includes Rush 600 pro x, Rush 800 XCR and a Victory Vision Arlen Ness. Not ready for an Indian yet but like em!


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yeah !! This unit DEFINITELY needs a place to open the back window in the middle of the glass !!! (booooo Polaris on this !!!!!!). Can you hsow pics of it before and after mounting please ?? Thanks !!