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May 31, 2024
Mansfield, Texas

The list is long. Waiting for the buggy to get back from the dealership so I can start the build, I've already installed the Polaris HD Extreme Kick Out Rock Slider, Folding Mirrors and Rear Window Molle Panels.

up next
AJK - Front and Rear Bumpers with LED's, Exhaust Cover, Front Inner Fender Guards and Packout Mount
Alien Lasers- 3.0 Tractor Beams
Auxbeam- RG Series 8 Gang Swtich Panel
GBC- 33x10r-15 Parrallax Tires
Infinate Offroad- (4) 24W Rock Lights, (2) 12" strips and (2) 2' Whips
Polaris Labeled - Rhino-Rack and accessories, RDS-SR Series 50" Curved Light Bar and Scene Lights, Front and Rear A-Arm Guards, Rear Wiper, Dome and Cargo Lighting
PowerMadd- Backup Light Harness
Rigid - 20252 3x3 Amber Spot lights on Mirrors and 262214 4x3 D-SS- Spot Amber Lights for front bumper
RLB- San Felipe Chase Light
SATV- 3" lift *Plan to not use the full 3", maybe adjust springs to 1.5"-2" for better tire clearance if needed
Terick Solutions- 100ml Sound Deading Kit, Sound Absorbing Panels, Xpedition Carpet Kit and Rubber Floor Mats
Tusk- Heated UTV seat kit
Valor - 15" VO6 15x8 Gunmetal Wheels +40mm
WD Electonics - Sequential TSK-1970 kit with hazard and air horn