Instructions on using Ride Command


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Apr 8, 2024
Is there written instructions for detailed imputes in the use of ride command and plus .
I have watched vids and have no luck trying to make a route , put it to a flash drive.

I guess I need written instructions in front of me.

thanks , there are so many things i want to be able to do on ride command and plus
So the easiest way to do it is to make a route on your cell phone app… then it will show up in the ride command on the unit.

I have an IPhone and a trick you have to do with your Bluetooth/hotspot, in the hotspot section you have to turn on or enable “maximize compatibility” and then it should sync your stuff right to the ride command screen.

The thing with ride command is it’s not a turn by turn gps. so you have to make sure your starting point for the route is basically on the first part your going by otherwise it will want you to keep going back to that starting point. I still haven’t mastered that part of it and I’m on my 3rd unit with ride command haha
In my experience with the ride command mapping features I found it useful as a confirmation while in travel. For route planning, turn by turn, location specific viewpoints etc. I use Gaia, onyx, goggle maps,. Often download maps to cell or tablet prior to ride. In my opinion polaris needs to provide an api into their ride command especially the mapping functionality. They should focus on their core business functions and get out of the software ride command business.