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Mar 24, 2024
I purchased an ADV5 Northstar in Yuma AZ while on a trip out west. Had one of my Maverick X3’s having problems and decided to get something else. I had always thought the Xpeditions were way too much money and couldn’t understand why someone would spend that much money. We have a few other SxS’s and nothing that was in this category. I bought it new with a Moorhead long travel kit. They are really a great machine, but they are loud. Holy cow are is it loud. The cabbed model really is bad under throttle. I’m having the clunking issues that a number of people are having. In the shop right now with the dealer trying to figure that out. I did post my experiences on the clunk post. Here are a few photos. It has the long arm kit, 35” tires, wheel flares, street legal kit and the 3 light roof kit.


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That’s crazy. I am also from tc area and purchased an expedition while in Yuma in February and already have over 1000 miles on it.
I don’t have the clunking but did do the gilomen clutch kit first thing before doing the Arizona peace trail and it made a big difference in the noise and the crazy hi rpm’s.