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Jul 25, 2023
Payette Idaho
I did the great move, and put my cash down on a rig the first part of August. Yup I’m thinking Nov Dec if I’m lucky... I get a call 2 weeks later on a cancelation on the same model I had ordered... you are the first one on call list “DO YOU WANT IT”. Yaaaaaaa.. .Well I had be like the best with boss lady ,i mean like the best ever. Seems I did good cuz she said go and buy it.


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IT Is good to have Friends... I great buddy of mine owns Dragon Works utv. He makes cargo racks for generals rangers and razors... he is using mine as the model for Xpedition design. This is his first measurement design for his racks. We decided to take the top sides off to hopefully use as a tire mount. For any future customers
And thanks to all. For the welcome (Hey Mr. Obvious long time listener first time caller) I have been watching this for months now from the start.
Again… looks sharp! 😂😊

I like the roof light bar for having a beam over eye level. Makes visibility better going through dips and such. For the round style, there’s the one from KC Lights my Brother had on his old General.
That is my favorite look. Especially on generals . The angle roof makes that row of lights look so good. I have watched the trailer picks you have done. I have one in the works.... OK well for like 3 years now. It always just seem to get pushed aside for another project...... SQUIRREL. On my general i made a 2 pc removable platform and camp in it on the passenger side. Pull the two seats set up take apart in morning and then seats back in... I am going to try it in the Xpedition too..